Hazel Bowl with Handles S Brown


Small bowl with handles in terracotta from Muubs.

The bowl in burned clay can be used for serving of for example appetizers, desserts or soups. You can also use the brown ceramic bowl as a salat plate or for starters. Combine it with your own porcelain or use it together with the Muubs stoneware series, Mame, to create a raw and Nordic expression.

The Hazel terracotta series are handmade and burned in a clay oven, where they get their deep brown colour with a unique browning process.
It takes around 5 days to create a batch of bowls. A traditional piece of craftmanship.

Before you use the bowl it is recommended that you rub each product, into cooking oil and put it in a medium warm oven for 30 minutes. The natural terracotta bowls must be cleaned with hot water and soap. Dishwasher is not recommended.

The terracotta bowl can be used with the following heatsources: Gas burners or over campfire (however, not directly over fire). The bowl is also ovenproof.

Material: Terracotta


  • H: 7cm
  • D: 16.5cm

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At Muubs you will find unique designs in raw and natural materials that add personality and edge to your home.
By using natural materials, to make furniture and accessories, such as wood, leather, terracotta, bamboo, lava, sand and riverstone you obtain designs that will bring soul, warmth, and authenticity to the interior. 

At Muubs we believe in great craftsmanship, which is why so many of our products are handmade by local and global craftsmen, who take pride in creating every piece with gentle care for each detail.

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