Mr & Mrs Smith Tapas Bowl


A small bowl for tapas or an open sugar bowl or great for olives, sauces and salty snacks!

Individually slipcast from coloured porcelain and glazed inside. The clay’s fired to a high temperature until it’s vitrified and no longer porous giving it a stone like quality.

Colour: milk

Size H30mm D80mm

Material: Porcelain


  • H: 3cm
  • Ø: 8cm

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Only 2 left in stock



My background is firmly rooted in the crafts, having started my journey into ceramics at a small pottery in Lincolnshire in the mid 1980’s. Learning the skills of production throwing; sometimes digging the clay, then wedging and weighing the clay to throw to all the same size and shape.  I found the challenge of this precision absorbing and the repetitive nature satisfying.  I’m sure it was this early interest into repetitive forms that sparked an interest in volume production and the need to have everything the same.

I’ve worked both as an in-house designer and as a freelance designer for over 20 years for retailers and manufacturers and I still use the skills I learnt in my first job and prefer to work directly with materials, making the initial prototypes, so that I can naturally adapt the forms as the shapes are being made.

I’m inspired by the everyday and the ordinary; material qualities, textures and the interaction we have with objects.  Small details and preferences which reflect the intuitive decision making we all make on a daily basis when choosing what cup to take from the cupboard for a cup of tea.


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